5 Best Car Polish in India: How to Choose the Right One

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The best car polish in India can save you a lot of time, money, and effort to keep your vehicle looking shiny and new. However, if you’re not careful, you could spend extra money on car polish that doesn’t work as well as advertised or, worse yet, doesn’t even work! Here are a few tips on choosing the best car polish in India and saving some cash while keeping your ride looking fresh.

Which is the best car polish in India

1. Waxpol Silky Touch Liquid Wax Polish

Waxpol Silky Touch Liquid Wax Polish 300ml for Ultimate High Gloss Shine, Hydrophobic & UV Protection For Car & Bike
  • SPRAY & POLISH in just 10 minutes. Easy on and easy off application...
  • Creates HYDROPHOBIC EFFECT - Water Beading Properties immediately turn...
  • Can be used by Hand or by Buffing Machine. Suitable for all colours...
  • Can be used AT HOME on Painted surface, Plastic, Wood, Rubber, Vinyl,...

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2. Wavex Instant Spray Polish

Wavex Instant Shine Bike Polish 350ml with Microfiber Cloth | All in One Bike Polish for Restoring Showroom Look of Bikes & Scooters
  • Bike Polish for Shining- Wavex Instant Shine Bike Polish for glossy...
  • Use this Bike Polish for Shining- Wavex Instant Shine Bike Polish can...
  • Most Convenient Bike Polish- This Bike Polish has a simple yet...
  • Aromatic Bike Polish- Wavex Instant Shine Bike Polish also leaves bike...
  • Easy to Apply Bike Polish for Shining- Wash and clean your bike or...

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3. Sheeba Multipurpose Polish

Sheeba Multipurpose Polish (750 ml) (SAI750)
  • It's active formula gives extra bright shine & new look to articles...
  • High gloss, contains a unique blend of ingredients that gives extra...
  • Easy application, as simple to apply and as simple to buff and no...
  • Long Lasting: Leaves a long lasting protective film, that prevents &...
  • Multi-purpose: An ideal polish for application on Cars / Bikes &...

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4. Formula 1 Carnauba Liquid Wax

Formula 1 Carnauba Liquid Wax (473 ml) (615029)
  • Offers long lasting protection for paint finishes
  • Restores paint color, eliminates minor scratches and haze for maximum...
  • Application on all paint finishes, including clear coat

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5. 3M IA260166334 Specialty Cream Wax

3M Specialty Cream Wax For Car (220 g) | With high gloss and shine restoration
  • RESTORE GLOSS - Restores Gloss to Car Paint Surfaces & Protects from...
  • CAR PAINT PROTECTION - Forms a super-slick, protective barrier between...
  • SAFE TO USE – The Versatile formula is safe for clear coats and all...
  • CLEAN/POLISH/PROTECT - The Cream Wax removes Oxidation and cleans,...

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Types of polishes

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To choose the best car polish, you need first to understand a few types of car polishes available. The most common is a wax-based polish, which the best car polish can buy at an auto shop. Wax polishes are easy to apply and last for about three months. You take good care of your car’s finish—which means washing it regularly with pH-neutral soap and dry brushing it once a week.

The second type of polish is a paste-based cleaner. It’s easier to apply and buff, but it also lasts for a shorter time (about two months) than wax-based polish.

Lastly, there is the plastic polish or vinyl cleaner. The polish comes in either an aerosol can or a bottle and helps restore shine to the plastics in your car, including the door handles, dashboard, and seats.

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Wax-based polishes

The best car polish for your vehicle will depend on its make and model. Still, wax-based polishes are among those most highly recommended. These products cleanse your car’s surface and restore its original lustre. You can remove old stains with a wet cloth and quickly restore colour with a good coat of wax.

You should apply wax-based car polish sparingly. Car polish is particularly important if you want your wax to last for several months. You can quickly overdo it by applying too much wax and completely covering your vehicle’s surface, so only apply enough of it to cover an area no larger than two square feet at a time. If you need more, wait until that layer has dried completely before adding another coat.

Waxless polishes

Waxing your car is a step that many amateur car owners skip over. Waxing is because can be a long and arduous process, which requires you to deal with various chemicals and solvents. To keep your car looking great for as long as possible, choosing a high-quality waxless polish is essential.

A waxless polish is designed to shine and protect your car’s finish without using wax. Waxing your car is necessary if you want a shiny finish that can withstand water and dirt. Still, many consumers don’t have time for all of that, so they choose a good quality waxless polish instead. It does all of what wax does – plus, it provides UV protection, so it extends your car’s lifespan.

Plastic polish

A plastic polish is a product that makes it easier for you to remove scratches from your car’s dashboard. Keep in mind that not all polishes are suitable for your dashboard. Be sure to opt for products made specifically for plastic dashboards; otherwise, you might end up damaging your dashboard instead of cleaning it!

When choosing a plastic polish, there are several factors you should keep in mind. These include your budget and your specific car’s dashboard material and type of finish.

Many plastic polish products work on specific dashboard finishes, including matte or glossy. Be sure to choose a product compatible with your car’s dashboard finish.

Another important factor is your budget. Some products will offer more value for your money, while others might be more expensive but provide better results. What you’re looking for will depend on how much you can afford and how easily you want scratches removed from your dashboard.

Aluminium cleaner and polishes

Different chemical compounds are contained in aluminium cleaners and polishes that remove oxidized materials safely. Use them every three months to prevent oxidation buildup and maintain an original shine. Always read cleaning instructions before using any product. Some cleaners aren’t meant for use on aluminium, so be sure you choose one made specifically for your car’s dashboard.

Most aluminium cleaners and polishes are made with chemicals that break down oxidized material. Abrasives, such as ground walnut shells or pumice may be added for extra cleaning power. If you have a special paint or coating on your car’s dashboard, choose a cleaner and polish made for that surface.

Window cleaner and glass-cleaning liquids

Use plain water for most glass surfaces. To quickly remove soft dirt and dust, dampen a soft cloth with plain water, dry it, and wipe clean. For more stubborn stains, mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water (or one part white vinegar with two parts water). Apply with a soft cloth. Rinse with warm water, then dry.

Alternatively, use glass cleaners specially designed for cleaning windows and other glass surfaces. These usually contain ammonia, which acts as a surfactant, breaking down dirt and making it easier to remove from glass. Glass cleaners typically don’t leave behind streaks or film. Apply with a soft cloth or sponge, then rinse clean with warm water. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to dry. Spray-on window cleaners can be difficult to apply evenly on large areas like an entire windowpane.

When left on too long, abrasives in some glass cleaners can leave a film on the glass. If you are using a spray-on cleaner and plan to go over your windows multiple times with a soft cloth or paper towel, it’s best to use a different cleaner for each step.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of car wax do professionals use?

The best car polish for your vehicle depends on its colour and condition. The absolute best car polish products—for both a sparkling-clean exterior and glossy paint job—are specifically designed for your vehicle’s make and model. Use these professional tips to find out which one is right for you!

What’s the difference between polish and wax?

To keep your car looking its best, you need a good polish and wax. These products are typically used together, but they serve different purposes. Polish gets rid of minor scratches and nicks that otherwise wouldn’t be visible with a fresh coat of wax. Meanwhile, wax protects your car from harmful UV rays that damage paint over time. Since these products are different, knowing how to choose between them will give you an advantage in protecting your vehicle for years to come.

Is paste wax better than liquid?

When it comes to pasting wax vs. liquid wax, there is a reason why paste waxes have been around for decades longer than liquid waxes they are superior in all ways. Paste polishes offer longer-lasting protection and more versatility because they can be applied over various surfaces, including paintwork, chrome, glass, and even plastic bumpers.

How often should you polish your car?

There’s no hard and fast rule, but if you have a white car, it’s a good idea to polish it every three months or so. For darker colours, every six months should be fine. Waxing your car is particularly important if you use salt on your roads (in snowy regions). That extra grit can harm your paint job.

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