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Hi, welcome to prince guide another essential article on the Best air compressor for cars and motorcycles in India, most of us like to go on long rides we go on to the highway in our vehicles on our motorcycles and people that are our friend’s fellow riders buy expensive motorcycles expensive cars but generally understanding how to handle emergencies is something which lacks because we go on to a highway and when something goes wrong with our vehicles we get stuck.

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Which is the best air compressor for car tire in India

The last thing that can go wrong with your vehicle could be a brand new motorcycle a 30 lakhs rupees motorcycle or a brand new car the least thing that can go wrong can make you stranded on the highway is a tire puncture. Yes, it can happen to any vehicle. First, we all need to learn how to repair a puncture on a tubeless motorcycle or car tire.

If your tire is something that has a tube inside it is a different ball game altogether. You know it’s a different topic but most of our cars and motorcycles today have tubeless tires once you fix the puncture it’s very easy you can take out the nail or the screw which has gone inside the tire, you have to just pull it out gradually and then put a rope kind of a thing that you get inside the tire and then you have temporarily sealed that hole.

Okay but now you have to fill the air because the air has gone out of the tire how do you do it? well, I have been following ways to help myself in this situation for the last 7 years.

My first go-to equipment was a No-nonsense manual foot pump. And I have carried this on the motorcycle rides putting this on to saddlebag and I’ve always had this in my car for years and years. But it is big and if the tire is big you have to pump it this many times.

Lyrovo 160 PSI Double Cylinder Portable Foot Pump Air Tyre Inflator for car Bike and Cycle, Red
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And another we got is a portable air compressor,

TUSA Digital Tyre Inflator for Car - 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump with LED Light
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In a portable air compressor, you can connect the wire to the battery and another nozzle in your car tire and this can pump in the tire of your motorcycle or car. But the only inconvenience in this is that you would have to take the wire and put it into the 12v output the cigarette lighter output of your car or many motorcycles don’t have the access to battery compartment easily.

And you’ll have to take the seat out and sometimes even the tank out it is difficult plus again depending on the battery of your vehicle and you are actually draining the battery of your vehicle if you are using a portable air compressor.

Now, what can you do? I’m always in search of reliable and convenient technology that can help us so I found a Standalone air compressor by MI.

Xiaomi Mi portable electric air compressor review

Xiaomi 150 PSI Portable Electric Tyre Air Pump for Car & Bike | Digital Display | 5 Air Fill Modes | LED Light |Type C(Black)
  • Efficient : Fully inflate 2 car tires or top up car tires 8 times...
  • Accuracy : Digitally controlled air-pressure sensors improve inflation...
  • Battery Powered : Inbuilt 2000 mAH Lithium battery-support to energize...
  • Preset Pressure : The Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S...
  • Included Components: Inflator Body

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It is a very reliable brand and I have been tested this about 10 days and have tested it extensively have inflated eight huge tires why I’m saying this because this has an inbuilt battery so you can charge it with a regular micro USB of your cell phone and it has 2000 milliamp battery.

At first, you need to take out the nozzle and you will see a reading in the air compressor it comes with buttons in the middle of the air compressor so you can set the reading as per your need. And it is automatic for example I have set the pressure at 35 psi and when it will reach 35 psi it will cut off automatically.

This is an best air compressor for car portable and relatively tiny handheld battery-powered air compressor from Xiaomi and it is capable of filling your car tires, bike tires, soccer balls, or any balls for that matter basically anything inflatable up to 150 psi also the box says. The pump is a quite handful, it comes with a small plastic bag with some accessories like a charging cable a pin used for inflating balls, and an adapter to the existing nozzle with a narrower thread hole also known as the french nozzle. Other than this there is a carrying case for the pump.

When it comes to the quality this best air compressor for car is made of some sort of tough plastic material which feels really solid to the touch with some matte grainy finish and the hose is on the top looked in there like a padlock one end can be freed with a little bit of force and as soon as you do that the pump switches on automatically you got the screen with pressure display. And then below that, we have a couple of buttons with the up and down buttons you can basically adjust the pressure anywhere between 1 and 150 psi manually.

And also this best air compressor for car is portable electric pump put in some presets that you can toggle through using the right buttons with a loop icon on it. When you press it the first time it shows the preset for a bicycle which is at 45 psi. Next is a motorcycle which is a 2.5 bar is equal to 34.8 psi way next is the car tire which is set at 2.5 bar which is 36.2 psi and finally a standard size basketball or soccer ball which is set at 8 psi.

Now you can, of course, do these individually as well using the plus and minus keys but they’ve been set by default to the average values and the center button is what does the action so when you press it and it immediately starts pumping air. There is one more button and that is for a small but quite powerful torch LED on the top of the pump, other than that there is a battery indicator LED on the bottom alongside the concealed micro USB charging port, and the side is lined with vents in a neat dotted pattern it weights 430 grams which is a pretty decent weight.

The size and design are what has fascinated me, to be honest, it’s so small portable, and stylish if you look at the device below the hose it looks like an old first-generation iPod I mean you never know they might even get sued by Apple very soon. As per specifications, it should be able to do five car tires on a full charge and six minutes per tire.

All right guys final verdict is my personal experience and now this is one of the gadgets I personally like and I’m definitely gonna use it for myself. This is the best air compressor for your car It is a strong and steady build innovative design, especially the fact that as long as the hose is in the slot it won’t power on so you know it’s not gonna go off if you press a button by mistake. Small but quite powerful mortal yes it is not very fast as advertised which is disappointing.

But I’m glad it at least completes the and it doesn’t heat up or shut down in between like some other cheap brands out there 150 psi is much more than you will need for anything in your daily use. Portable size and it is actually quite a reliable brand also has been my experience with MI definitely an addition to your backpack or car kit.

Some Important points to be noted

And this is not only for emergencies but also to maintain optimum tire pressure on your cars and motorcycles very often we ignore this we don’t check the tire pressure on our motorcycles and cars for months and months. For example, I recommend the tire pressure is 35, and if it goes below 30 it is on the lower side and the fuel efficiency drops, and also the tire takes a beating it starts to get damaged it’s not good.

In every one month at least you need to top up the tire pressure and also with low tire pressure punches happen because the tire becomes flattered and a nail or screw can get inside very easily.

A small tip: always use valve caps on your tire valves because the inner area of the valve gets dust and sand will go outside water will go inside and the stem will rust from inside then it will leak.
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