America’s Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

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America’s cat population has grown tremendously over the past few decades, and the variety of cat breeds has expanded along with it. However, this does not mean that all cat breeds are equally popular. Some are much more common than others across the country. Here is a list of America’s ten most popular cat breeds.

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10 Most Popular Cat Breeds in U.S

1: Persian Cat

10 Most Popular Cat Breeds
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The Persians are beautiful, large cats in various colours and patterns. This breed is known for its highly affectionate personality and tendency to follow its owner. The Persian’s long, silky coat requires a great deal of grooming; without proper care, their fur can become tangled and matted. They’re also particularly susceptible to eye issues such as conjunctivitis.

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2: Exotic Shorthair Cat

10 Most Popular Cat Breeds
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The Exotic Shorthair is probably one of America’s most popular cat breeds, and it’s easy to see why. This elegant cat has an exotic look and lots of energy. And with a medium-length coat in brown, blue or silver tabby, you can easily match your Exotic to your decor. However, some breeders recommend keeping these cats indoors if you have small children who might be tempted to handle them roughly.

3: Siamese Cat

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The Siamese is a cat with aristocratic roots. Aptly named for Siam, now Thailand, it was first seen in France in 1871 and became one of England’s favourite breeds by 1885. Affectionate and intelligent, it has won over many other cat lovers throughout Europe and North America with its unique appearance and outgoing personality.

4: Maine Coon Cat

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Discover one of America’s most popular cat breeds. These beautiful felines from Maine have long been known for their exceptional intelligence and intuition. Unfortunately, there has recently been a decline in genetic diversity among Maine Coons, with some breeders warning that these kitties are at risk of extinction. How can you help preserve our favourite breed? Find out in our special report: The Maine Coon Renaissance.

5: Turkish Van Cat

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A feline that takes its purebred status very seriously but will likely be found lounging around your apartment rather than a fancy show ring. #6: Turkish Van: A feline that takes its purebred status very seriously but will likely be lounging around your apartment rather than a fancy show ring. Breed Highlights: The longhaired cat with ear tufts and Turkish Vans can swim!

6: American Shorthair Cat

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The American Shorthair is a popular breed for many reasons. They are very social and make excellent family pets. They get along with everyone, including children, pets, and even strangers. But don’t mistake them for wimps! American Shorthairs were once called cat herders because they were renowned for controlling feral cat populations. This is one smart kitty!

7; Ragdoll Cat

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The Ragdoll is a big, laid-back cat with blue eyes. They are very sweet and seem naturally drawn to people, and they’re not too picky about their grooming either. The Ragdoll is hypoallergenic because they have no undercoat, so they don’t shed much hair like most cats. This breed originally hails from California.

8: Bengal Cat

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The Bengal cat is well known for its love of water. It’s so fond of it that bath time can be a daily occurrence! These cats are very active, and they enjoy regular play sessions. They also get along well with children and other pets. However, they may not appreciate being picked up or handled roughly by an unfamiliar person. Bengals are smart cats who keep you entertained with their antics if you regularly give them attention.

9: Birman Cat

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Today, an expensive and elegant cat, Birmans are one of America’s most popular breeds. In truth, they originated in Burma (now known as Myanmar), and these cats have been variations throughout history. As they have almost no wild ancestry, you don’t have to worry about how active or inactive they will be. Instead, you get a beautiful cat that is well-suited to most lifestyles.

10: Abyssinian Cat

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Affectionate, loving and intelligent, Abyssinians are known for their strong personalities. While it’s easy to fall in love with their pretty looks, no one will blame you if you fall in love with these cats for their winning personalities. Although they’re not much of a lap cats, they love human interaction and attention. Even though they can be talkative at times, many owners state that there’s rarely a dull moment when owning an Abyssinian.

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