5 Best shoe rack in India 2022

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We’re back with another guide on the best shoe racks on Amazon, whether you’re a sneakerhead or not, you’ve certainly struggled with finding the right shoe rack for your shoes or how to store all of your precious shoes in a cramped city apartment and a jumble of mismatched pairs cluttering your entry isn’t a great look either you may want to invest in a better way to store your shoes.

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Best shoe rack in India buying guide

So, to help you choose from among the many options out there we’ve picked the top models of different best shoe rack organizers we have analyzed customer reviews and looked at many products to give you the top five best shoe racks review and as always all the links to all the products mentioned in this article will be in the down below the items mentioned in this article are in no exact order so be sure to stay to the end so you don’t miss the perfect model for your needs.

5 best shoe racks for the home in India

5. Bluevista Over the Door best Shoe Rack

If you have a growing family with limited storage space it can be tough to find space for both baby clothes and shoes luckily Bluevista has you covered with this over the door best shoe rack it has 12 adjustable fold up bars that offer a variety of storage options to suit all your needs it looks nice too the bars are made of metal but the rack itself is made of plastic so it doesn’t scratch your door.

We like that it has non-slip bars to keep the shoes from slipping or falling off I can’t speak for the versatility of this best shoe rack. But it does take up very little space it’s a little pricey but considering the number of shoes, it holds it’s a good deal if you need something to organize yourself right now it’s worth considering this rack.


customers who like these right in their reviews easy to put together and hold lots of shoes I especially like the fact that each shelf can be flipped up allowing for taller boots and shoes to be stored this one is just the most organized most logical storage ever.


Others did not like that this product is made from plastic that can break, especially the shelf joints if they are placed under a heavy load.

4. Simple Houseware 3-Tier best Shoe Rack

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Simple Houseware 3-Tier Stackable best Shoe Rack three-tier shoe rack is lightweight and expandable offering the perfect solution for small spaces. The rack can be used to store spare shoes or even slippers. Its three tiers are adjustable and removable, so you can customize it to fit your space.

The rack comes fully assembled with only four simple steps are needed to get it up and running it has six hanging shoe rack hooks and a bottom shelf for extra storage of your favorite slippers boots and even more shoes. It has an attractive powder-coated finish and is made from durable metal that looks great in your home.

It holds up to 12 pairs of shoes and it has an additional bottom storage shelf for slippers making it an excellent choice for smaller spaces. It also comes in multiple sizes so you can easily customize the rack to hold whatever you want making it perfect for an entryway closet or even the bathroom. You can use it anywhere you need to store your shoes and since it’s expandable you can add more sections as needed.


When assembled, this item is very lightweight and easy to move once it has been assembled, and it has room for nine pairs of sneakers. You can also decide the spacing between the tiers when assembling this item.


And some customers had problems with it is a little hard to assemble since the fabric part isn’t very stretchy you really have to pull it to get it to the bars.

3. Pipishell Bamboo 3-Tier best shoe rack

Pipishell Bamboo 3-Tier Sturdy Shoe Organizer, Storage Shelf, Holds up to 220 LBS for Entryway Bedroom Living Room Balcony

  • Easy Assembly and Durable: This storage organizer shelf which...

  • Multi-Functional: Use the 3 tiers bamboo rack as a plant stand,...

  • Space-Saving Shoe Rack: A combination of shoe rack and bench to...

  • Eco-Friendly Material: This bamboo storage bench made of 100%...

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A clutter-free home is no longer an issue with this bamboo shoe rack. Made from water-resistant bamboo, it has three tiers that can hold up to twelve pairs of shoes and it has a timeless look that will match almost any decor.

It comes fully assembled with all the tools you need to get it up and running the timeless appeal will look great in your entryway hallway or bathroom. It holds a maximum weight capacity of 130 kilograms and is available in natural bamboo or black-brown to match any décor.

If you need help getting organized this bamboo shoe rack bench can be of great help it has three tiers and holds up to 130 Kg of weight it can be used indoors or outside because of its sturdy design. It also comes with all the tools you need to get it to put together the only real downside to this bamboo best shoe rack bench is that is the space is a little small, so perhaps it is not the best solution for a large family.

yet, it is an excellent solution for anyone who likes to get their shoes arranged in a pleasing and modern manner.


Many of the users that have reviewed the say the finished piece look nice smells like wood and it’s quite light and worth the money looks awesome I love it and would highly recommend it.


And some did not like it’s quite small although still usable.

2. DeckUp Turrano 3-Door Engineered Wood best Shoe Rack

DeckUp Turrano 3-Door Engineered Wood Shoe Rack (Dark Wenge, Matte Finish)
  • Product Dimensions: Length (47 in / 120 cm), Width (16 in / 40 cm),...
  • Primary Material: High grade Eurpoean standard E2 engineered wood -...
  • Finish: Matte Wood Grain, Color: Dark Wenge, Style: Contemporary
  • Care Instructions: Wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Do not use water....
  • Assembly Required: The product requires assembly and comes with DIY...

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This attractive best shoe rack has a beautiful stained top that acts as a bench and two sturdy metal shelves underneath for storing sneakers sandals and rain boots included you can sit and put on your shoes on the cushion, which is quite comfortable.

it has a maximum weight capacity of 136 Kg and the included shelves are long enough to hold at least seven to eight pairs of shoes without piling up. It has been tested for strength and stability and is easy to assemble.

While this bench has a cushion it is not particularly tall and its shelves are not particularly adjustable because the bench has a cushion you can use the cushion to sit on while putting on or removing your shoes for more information click on the check price on amazon button.


Here are the top reasons why customers like the 3-Door Engineered Wood Shoe Rack bench it was easy to assemble taking me only 20 minutes from start to finish looks great and easy to put together very sturdy and I’m very pleased.


And some customers had problems with being too small for my husband’s shoes even some of mine.

1. 24 pockets crystal clear over the door hanging shoe rack

Simple Houseware 24 Pockets Crystal Clear over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer (Grey, 64 x 19-inch)
  • 24 Pockets -Crystal Clear over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer
  • Colour: Grey
  • Size: 64 x 19-inch

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This simple houseware over the door hanging shoe organizer is a simple solution for a cluttered closet it has 24 pockets to hold up to 12 pairs of shoes and although it’s advertised as a door hanger, it’s really designed to hang on a closet rod. There are hooks on the back to allow you to hang them on the back of your door.

The pockets are also see-through making it is easy to locate the shoes you need the simple houseware hanging organizer has 24 pockets to hold up to 12 pairs of shoes and there is a see-through material so you can easily find the shoe you want. You can hang the simple housewares organizer on a closet rod or your door as it comes with several hooks that make it very versatile.


Reviewers also note that the organizer works great for non-shoe items like sunglasses and phone chargers here is what customers love about it it is very well made and considering the price, this is a fantastic over-the-door pocket organizer. It saves a lot of space and makes it easy to locate your belongings since the pockets are clear.


Here are the most common negative customer reviews the only con I can really point out is that certain pairs of my shoe size 13 Men tend to tip forward and flip the bottom row pockets.

Can I keep the shoe rack as per Vastu? and which place is best for the shoe rack?

How important is a shoe rack? What should the placement of a shoe rack be? Pay attention to that. In the opinion of those who think shoes give support to our bodies, the direction will be to the northwest.

It is the shoes of those athletes who accept them as their strength. Since they have spikes in the shoe, they cannot slip, and they will not fall. The direction for these athletes is South-Southeast.

The actress is unable to walk when she is wearing sandals, but in that hard situation, they carry their sandals anyway, sandals are not carrying them, it’s a matter of beautification, increasing the level of beautiful, so for them, the shoe racks should be in the direction of North North West.

There is a shopkeeper who has a shoe business, for him, it’s a business/ trade, for him it’s a trade, if they want to attract customers they have to place shoes in the north and he will get more orders. In that matter, each object will be used in different formats depending on the direction in which it has been used.

So you don’t have to see any object to apply the thumb rule. Depending on the need for something for a particular person, it may be possible for one subject to suit in the North East, or it may suit in the South West for another. So you will take care of the things, How to make a base on the behalf of the horoscope, and then do the placements of the objects.

Which material is good for the shoe rack?

Best shoe rack in India 2022,
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A lot of high-end shoe racks are made from woods like Sheesham, oak, and other premium materials. In addition to being able to be shaped and carved into any shape, they are high in strength and durability naturally and come in a variety of colors.

Should shoes be stored in boxes?

Best shoe rack in India 2022,
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In addition to protecting your shoes, shoe boxes can keep them in good working condition to avoid any kind of residue or buildup, and this will greatly improve the overall lifespan of your shoes. Anyway, if you plan on keeping your shoes without cleaning them, there is no pinpoint in keeping them at all.

Conclusion: With the above guide, you can now select the best shoe rack that is most appropriate for your needs. We have discussed in detail the different models and the best features of the best shoe racks in India.

Those are the best shoe racks in India 2022 you can choose from, and you’ll be able to purchase one within your budget.

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