Top 5 Best Air Fryers in India for Healthy and Delicious Meals

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If you’re looking to find the best air fryers in India, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our top 5 best air fryers in India list and some tips and tricks to keep your meals healthy and delicious! And be sure to read our conclusion at the end of this guide.

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What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance designed to cook food without oil. Using hot AirAir instead of oil allows you to prepare delicious, healthy meals with less fat, calories, and preservatives. While air fryers are a relatively new invention, they quickly gained popularity as people learned about their many benefits. To find out more about them, continue reading below!

List of Top 5 Best Air Fryers In India

1. PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90

PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90 with Touch Panel, uses up to 90% less fat, 7 Pre-set Menu, 1400W, 4.1 Liter, with Rapid Air Technology (Black), Large
  • Philips Airfryer HD9252/90 (Large, 4.1 L) lets you cook great tasting...
  • Patented Rapid Air technology with unique starfish design pan ensures...
  • Fry. Bake. Grill. Roast. And even reheat!
  • Touch screen with 7 presets and Keep Warm Function. Try new recipes at...
  • Auto-shut off function when the basket is removed
  • Extra-long 1.8 m cord length for easy placement in your kitchen

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The Philips Digital Airfryer HD9252/90 is perfect if you’re looking for the best air fryer in India to make delicious food that’s also healthy. With seven presets, 3 of which are specifically designed to cook nutritious meals, there’s no denying its power. Although it may not come with all of the features found on more expensive models, its sleek design, large cooking basket, and thoughtful preset function make it a viable option for anyone looking to cut back on oils without sacrificing taste.

The Philips Digital Airfryer HD9252/90 also has an auto-shut-off function that engages when removing the basket from its hot spot, and this means that you can forget about monitoring your food. The fryer will automatically turn off when cooked, so there’s no way of accidentally leaving it on and running down your power supply.

The Philips Digital Airfryer HD9252/90 uses Rapid Air technology to cook your food, and This means that your chips, fries, or chicken nuggets will be crunchy on the outside while remaining juicy on the inside. The fryer’s patented design circulates hot Air all around your food, so there’s no need to flip or stir it when cooking, that’s why we selected this product in the first list of best air fryer in India.

The Philips Digital Airfryer HD9252/90 has a capacity of 4.1 liters to cook large amounts of food at once. It’s not as big as some other models, but it’s certainly large enough to make a meal for two or more people at one time. The fryer also comes with an easy-to-use basket that can be taken out without burning yourself.

The Philips Digital Airfryer HD9252/90 has an item weight of 4.54 Kilograms, which means it’s not incredibly heavy. The fryer also comes with a 2-year warranty which is longer than most warranties on other products in its price range. If anything happens during that period, you can get it repaired at no extra cost.

2. INALSA Air Fryer 1400W 4L

INALSA Air Fryer Nutri Fry Digital 4.2L|Imported Premium Range|Designed In Europe With International Health & Safety Standards|1400W with Smart AirCrisp Technology|Free Recipe book|2Yr Warranty
  • Fully digital: Fryer with digital touch screen and very easy to use....
  • High capacity: 4 liters of capacity that allow to make up to 9 grams...
  • Suitable for gifting on Diwali and other special occasions.
  • Air Crisp Technology: Patented Rapid Air crisp technology with unique...
  • Oil-free fryer: Fryer with Air Crisp Technology that with hot air at...
  • Air Crisp Technology: Patented Rapid Air crisp technology with unique...

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This is an best air fryer in India, is fully digital, featuring a touch screen that lets you set your desired temperature, time, and quantity with just a few swipes. It also features preset programs to make cooking even more accessible. Moreover, it’s dishwasher-safe for convenient cleanup. Weight around 4.8 kg, its digital display shows you exactly how much time is left until your food is ready.

This air fryer has a capacity of 4 liters, which is ample enough to cook food for a family of four. Its large capacity is due to its 4-liter cooking bowl, which can cook up to 3 pounds of fries or 2.5 pounds of chicken nuggets. The air fryer can also easily double as a storage unit as it has an internal basket that allows you to keep your fried foods warm without drying them out until you’re ready to eat them.

INALSA air fryer works by distributing hot AirAir throughout its cooking bowl to cook your food with a unique air frying technology. The heating elements are positioned around your food, ensuring that all of it is heated quickly and evenly, which helps reduce cooking time compared to traditional deep frying. This ensures that your fries are crisp on every side, giving you better texture and flavor. The convection system also allows you to cook more than just fried foods because it can brown and bake a wide variety of dishes.

1400 W of peak power ensures that your food is cooked evenly, quickly, and efficiently. It can cook food up to 80% faster than regular deep frying at its highest setting. Because it uses hot AirAir instead of oil to cook your food, you’ll get a healthier meal without sacrificing flavor or texture. It also features a two-year manufacturer’s warranty with full customer support if anything should go wrong with your unit.

The INALSA air fryer is our best-rated and most popular model, boasting an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. With over 2000 reviews, it has more feedback than any other air fryer we considered. If you are looking for the best Air Fryer in India, we highly recommend them!

3. Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watts Air Fryer

Best air fryer in India,

The Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watts Air Fryer comes with a pretty solid set of features, including Rapid Air Technology which makes it possible to cook chicken at a blistering 200 degrees Celsius! The timer is accurate, allowing you to schedule cooking times conveniently.

The maximum capacity of 4 liters makes it one of the most versatile air fryers in its price range, allowing you to create various snacks, frozen treats, and even full meals. For such a small appliance, it’s also effortless to clean – all you need is warm water to wipe away all traces of food that may have gotten stuck inside. This model comes with an advanced digital display with various functionalities like timer & temperature control.

The highlight of this model is its Heat-resistant handle which makes it a perfect appliance that can be used anywhere – whether you’re at home or traveling. Havells air fryer can switch on it with one button; that automatically turns off after food has been cooked. And with its various timer settings, you can cook precisely and come back to warm, freshly cooked meals!

This air fryer comes with a solid and large digital display that shows precise cooking settings. It also comes with two years of manufacturer’s warranty which adds to its durability, and This is undoubtedly one of the best Air fryers in India for under 10,000 Rupees.

4. Glen air fryer 3045


Get your best air fryer in India today from Glen, an internationally acclaimed brand helping people make healthy food. Whether you want to air fry meat, fish, chicken, or even pizzas, use this item to prepare delicious meals quickly at home. It offers fast cooking with a press of a button and retains all flavors of ingredients, unlike traditional deep frying, which absorbs most of them. This air fryer from Glen has a rotatory knob for adjustable time control to set the temperature to your desired value. Also, its cool-touch handle makes it easy to carry even when hot.

This air fryer from Glen has a timer end with an alarm function, so you don’t have to keep checking it. Its 2.0 ltr capacity is enough to accommodate small and large quantities of food. Also, its heating elements ensure even distribution of heat all over it, thereby cooking your food evenly.

The oil-free food recipes included with it will help you make mouthwatering meals without adding more oil or fat to them. Glen air fryer 3045 is the best air fryer in India for under 4,000 Rupees.

5. Hilton air fryer 3.5 Liters

Hilton Air Fryer, Faster Pre-Heat, No-Oil Frying, Fast Healthy Evenly Cooked Meal Every Time, Dishwasher Safe Non Stick Pan for Easy Clean Up Dual Bowl Made in India (Manual Air Fryer 3.5 L)
  • HEALTHIER FRIED FOOD: Hilton Air Fryer uses RapidAir Technology...
  • QUICK plus EASY: Short on time. Simply load the 3.5L capacity fryer...
  • SAFER: The auto-shut off function prevents overcooking and the cool...
  • VERSATILE: The redesigned Crisper Basket allows for greater surface...
  • EASY CLEAN: The Black basket and tray are removable and top rack...
  • ISI Certified Best for Gifting

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The 3.5-liter capacity of this fryer allows it to cook food faster, and rapid Air ensures that your food is evenly cooked due to its Rapid Air technology. The cooking basket includes a lid that helps you make small quantities of food. This fryer has anti-slip feet, non-stick coating, and an auto shut-off feature that makes its operation safe for cooking. It also comes with an easy-grip handle for ease of use.

The fryer is available at an affordable price and comes with a one-year warranty. It is one of those air fryers that cook food quickly and keep it crispier than most other air fryers. Plus, it doesn’t consume more electricity and can cook small quantities of food within minutes. If you want to buy the best air fryer in India at reasonable prices, then Hilton 3.5 Litres is undoubtedly one of the best options.

6. Prestige Air Fryer PAF 6.0

Prestige Electric Air Fryer PAF 6.0, Black, 1200 Watt
  • Fry, Grill, Roast , bake and More,Frying basket capacity – 2.0 liter
  • Temperature range from 80 to 200 deg Celsius, Timer upto 30 mins
  • Smoke vent for absorbing unwanted odour and smoke
  • Even heat distribution,1200 watts power
  • Warranty : 1 Year

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The Prestige Air fryer is one of those appliances that looks super simple but delivers everything you need from an air fryer. It offers 2 liters capacity, a 230W power, and a price tag below Rs—6000 making it easily one of the best air fryers in India. So if you’re looking to cook delicious meals at home without adding more oil or unhealthy oils, we highly recommend investing in an air fryer like PAF 6.0.

The Prestige air fryer uses Rapid Air Circulation Technology to deliver great meals. It has a temperature range from 80-200 deg Celsius with a 30 mins timer which is pretty decent compared to its counterparts. The temperature control of 200 deg Celsius allows you to cook frozen snacks, French fries, and chicken fingers and prepare some delicious breaded fried fish.

The Prestige best air fryer in India comes with some very easy-to-use control knobs, making it easy to operate even by a newbie. The dial present on top helps you adjust the temperature accordingly, while a smoke vent release lets out excess oil from food items like French fries or cheese sticks without causing any further harm.

When it comes to easy cleaning, I don’t know how else one can expect a machine like Prestige PAF 6.0. This air fryer requires no extra maintenance since its base is non-sticky, making it easy to wipe out with a cloth/sponge. Moreover, no additional attachments make your life complicated when trying to wash them off or keep them away from dust. So you have an entire unit that is entirely immaculate thanks to its design and construction.

Going by what we’ve learned until now, it should be pretty clear that PAF 6.0 is one of the best air fryers in India.

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Benefits of an Air Fryer


A family of four could eat deep-fried food up to five times a week without significantly impacting their health. Many families are ditching their deep fryers to rely on healthier air fryer options. These appliances work by circulating hot AirAir around your food, cooking it with minimal oil—leaving you with crisp, delicious foods that are lower in fat than traditional frying.

Whether you’re a health nut, trying to cut back on oil, or don’t like messy kitchen appliances taking up space, an air fryer can be a great alternative to your traditional deep fryer. It gives you tasty meals without sacrificing any flavor. Plus, it’s super simple to use!

But with so many products to choose from, it can be hard to determine which air fryer is best for you. We’ve put together a list of our top five favorite best air fryers in India, based on their reviews and Amazon star ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it worth buying an air fryer in India?

In today’s fast-paced world, more people are on-the-go than ever before. In addition to our busy lifestyles, we eat much more unhealthy foods than we should. As a result, health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes have become commonplace. While not everyone can cook healthy meals at home every day of their lives, there is another option: air fryers.

Is an air fryer better than a microwave?

First, you need to understand that the air fryer is different from the microwave. The air fryer works on superheated steam, which makes food crispy by heating it from the inside out. On the other hand, the microwave heats food from the outside. So if you want to make delicious meals at home, then an air fryer is your choice.

Does the air fryer use a lot of electricity?

An air fryer doesn’t use a lot of electricity. How much electricity an air fryer uses depends on how big your air fryer is and how many times you use it daily. The most popular air fryers range from 700 to 1500 watts, which isn’t very much compared with a standard refrigerator (around 3,000 watts) or a large stovetop (4,000 watts). Of course, these numbers are only averages – your mileage may vary!

Are air fryers healthy?

So, we’ve established that air fryers are a great tool to make meals healthier. But how do they work? Essentially, you place your food into a bowl of hot AirAir instead of using oil or fat for cooking. Because there’s no actual oil involved, you don’t have to worry about ingesting harmful oils. So grab an air fryer if you want more control over what goes into your body.

Can we put Aluminium foil in Airfryer?

Aluminum foil cannot be used in air fryers because the aluminum foil is coated with a thin layer of aluminum that can flake off when heated, exposing you to possible health risks. If you’re still not convinced, multiple studies have demonstrated that cooking with aluminum pots and pans is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s better to stick to cooking without pots or pans than to use an uncoated surface like aluminum foil.


The market for the best air fryers in India is limited to 2 brands, Philips and INALSA. We hope you enjoyed our list of the best air fryer in India; now, you can make amazingly healthy meals in your air fryer with family & friends or have a healthy single meal.

And that’s all we have to say about how you can use an air fryer. We hope you enjoyed our post; if you did, make sure to share it with your friends & family as well! Thanks for reading!

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