2 best work from home jobs without experience

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Hi, I’m Mohammed Javeed and welcome to my website. Today, I’ll be sharing with you some work from home jobs that are currently available worldwide.

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You’ll be able to get this job if you know you can speak English, have a laptop, an internet connection in your home, and a headset that works. Note that this is not the only job I’m going to be sharing with you today I’m going to be sharing another one but for this particular one, you do not need any prior experience. There’s going to be on-the-job training for one hour every day and a chance for groups.

Okay, if you know that you’re interested in this work-from-home job without experience remember that and please do not go away read this article till the very end. Okay so the first company is located in North America it is a traveling and visa consulting company right now they are in need of English-speaking workers people who can actually speak English fluently who can write English and will understand the English language.

So if you know that you can speak write you understand English very friendly then this job is for you you are asked to apply and the process of applying you would have to make a video of yourself a short video of yourself introducing yourself your hobbies probably your past experiences and you should.

I’ll just give a little tip you should talk about how you’ve handled customers in the past if you have customer service experience and if you do not have the experience you should just talk about how you have been able to manage issues so as I said earlier you need to understand the English language you should be able to speak the English language very fluently and you should also have some soft skills emotional intelligence is part of it this is on the website is stated there you should know how to translate data analysis is also the skill that is required for this work from home job.

You should also understand workflow management all of these are skills that you can always have most times when you’ve worked for a certain number of years these skills just happens to be part and parcel of you and as I said in my previous article is very important that is the first thing that these recruiters will see, so make sure that your CV is great.

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It will either make or mark this whole application process so please I would once again do not send just blank generic kind of CVs to these people they have like many people who are looking for the same job or applying and they would not give your CV the attention that you’re praying for so please put that into concentration.

I’ll always say that now you are only allowed to work 40 hours a week which is eight hours every day the starting salary is 6 dollars per hour meaning that as you grow on the job your salary will definitely increase so you know you’re just earning six dollars an hour as an entry-level customer service representative when you gain more experience they’re going to train you on the job you gain more experience and you’re going to definitely go to increase your salary.

Over time most companies do it they may give you about three months six months depending on you know the whole their own processes and then they increase your salary as time goes on one of the requirements that I’ve seen that they have on the website is you should have a LinkedIn profile almost everybody has a LinkedIn profile.

If you’re a professional and you have experience even if you don’t have just create one you know and you have to link your LinkedIn profile when you’re applying for this particular job so that is one thing if you do not have a LinkedIn profile please create one it’s quite easy to create.

govassist.com – work from home jobs

So this is the name of the company is ( govassist.com ) they are currently recruiting customer service representatives all over the world so if you’re interested in working for a visa or travel company and this is for you just apply to do a short video.

Make sure that you’re in a very bright place like you’re outside or you know you have your windows open in your home and make a short video make sure it’s clear the microphone is working fine your phone you could use just your phone okay make sure that the mic on your phone is fine and you introduce yourself, see things that you know that you have done in the past your achievements and let them understand and know that look I want this job and I can do it and you’re definitely good to go.

World via travel group – work from home

Okay, the second company is ( world via travel group ) so the world via travel agent support specialist is needed and also like a customer service rep it is a customer service rep role they are located in the united states Georgia precisely and they need travel professionals who want to leverage their skills to help whatever it is all their the usual responsibilities that cs agents have cs reps have and also the salary range is 39000 to 45000 dollars a yearly.

This is annually so they are a very fast-growing brand and they help they are actually into marketing and sale of uh product setting travel products so this position is not a travel sales rule meaning you’re not going to be you know selling travel plans to people but then they said they require sales experience and if you have experience in sales no matter what you’re selling I think this should be great.

So that’s basically this one requires a customer support experience or client service experience and travel in industry and you should have a very good record the track record of over-achieving you know, goals and strong phone contact handling skills you should have that and customer orientation familiarity with CRM systems a high school degree, a college is prepared so if you’re just a high school degree who that that’s fine you can apply.

Somebody said they prefer college so if you have a bachelor’s degree or you have a college degree and you want to be able to work from home this job is for you. So the benefits flexible work environment, a fully remote position with occasional visits, and employer-sponsored medical whatever so all of that is there that’s it.

So, this is for today these jobs recently came out I think a couple of days ago and it’s best to apply like really fast so that you’ll be seen you know before the entire world starts to apply and first come first that once they get the person that they actually need they would close the door, okay so that’s my article for today.

I really hope that you’re able to get that remote job that you’re really looking for yes there are people out there that do not want to be going out every day in the name of working we want to be able to walk from the comfort of their homes and I will bring in an article like this to you I’ll be bringing jobs like this to you so I hope you enjoyed today’s article and I’ll definitely see you guys in my next article.

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